During the Covid lockdown, many of us understood the importance of having a quiet space in the boundary of our house to relax when there is no option of venturing out for vacations. Landscaping is one subject that is costly yet adds a lot of significance to your home. If you plan to do your landscape, you need to ask if you are redoing your yard or starting from scratch. Even though you require knowledge and skills to make use of your space, it has a lot of benefits like growing your vegetables, using them for outdoor breakfast and availing some health benefits. 

Let’s look at eight simple and easy landscaping ideas:

  1. Local planting: 

While doing landscaping for your backyard or garden, you must include native plants as they are designed to withstand the weather conditions and will be low maintenance in the long run. Local planting will have a higher flourishing rate with fewer chemicals used for their sustainability.

  1. Outdoor dining area:

Eating out in your garden around fresh trees and tasteful furniture is an experience of its own. Constructing a shelter or a patio can give a fancy look with some aesthetic value to it. You can convert your outdoor space into an utility area, and you can host your party at outdoor.

  1. Themed open-air garden:

Setting a mood for your garden with landscaping will inspire the overall design. Landscaping themes can be tea garden, single color flowers garden, vegetable garden, corn, beans, and squash-based garden known as ‘three sisters’, etc. Gardens have always been therapeutic escapades for people living in the urban jungle. 

  1. Colorful Borders

Pop of color in your backyard will automatically please you and make them your favorite space in the house. Using boxwood shrubs adds a formal look to the landscape, whereas using bottles, tires, clamshells, logs of wood, bamboos, berm, and scrap wood are new ways of offering a distinctive border to your gardens. Make sure, you must use fences for your landscape because you need to keep your property secured.

  1. Simple pavers and walls designs:

Pavers need to be an organized amalgamation of different structures to reveal themselves excitingly. Made of stone, rose bushes, vibrant colors are some examples. Many gardening enthusiasts have used vertical gardening as it helps create beautiful landscape scope for small balconies and backyards. Wall with flower beds prevents soil erosion is an added advantage. 

  1. DIY Fountains

Having water feature in your garden, like a simple fountain, will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property and increase the resale value of your home. You can go crazy with ideas like creating a fountain with an old teapot and whiskey barrel. A Japanese-inspired garden with a minimalistic look will make a pondering atmosphere. 

  1. Interesting Entrance

The entrance made from cypress trees, boxwood hedges, and lavender is a simple way of magnifying your doorway. Adding a tree lantern to your landscape plan will only make your backyard or garden look appealing. Apart from that, you can use LED lights in your landscape area to keep your property secured. djarumtoto slot


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