A Dog Dewormer For Cancer Could Save Your Pet’s Life

If you love your pet and want them to live a long and healthy life, you may be interested in learning about an unconventional way to help them beat cancer. The results of this method have doctors and researchers scratching their heads. A humble dog dewormer, originally developed to treat parasites in dogs and cats has reportedly shown extraordinary results as a dog dewormer for cancer.

The drug is fenbendazole, also known by the brand name Panacur C, and has made headlines recently for its success in helping pets overcome various forms of cancer. A number of scientific publications chronicle a startling discovery: mice treated with anthelmintic drugs (like Fenbendazole) show unusually strong anti-cancer effects, including reversing tumors and even curing cancer.

Joe Tippens, an Edmond, Oklahoma man diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer in 2016 and told he had only three months to live, took a risk and tried a different strategy. A skeleton of his former self at half his original weight, Joe was determined to see his first grandchild born and turned to what he describes as ‘dog medicine’.

A few years ago, a TikTok video went viral reposting a story from a veterinarian who claimed that he had used the common dog deworming medication to cure his own small-cell lung cancer. The story spread on social media and was shared millions of times, but it’s been debunked by scientists who say the evidence supporting this claim is lacking. dog dewormer for cancer


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