A Guide to Buying the Right Sleeping Bag

Looking at the various options available, are you confused about which is the right sleeping bag for you?. Then now is the time to read our buyer’s guide that will help you select the best bag available for the most comfortable sleep. The appropriate type of bag often dictates the difference between sound sleep and no sleep at all. The two vital factors to keep in mind while choosing a bag are the shape and the thermal insulating materials.

Factor 1: Shape

One has a lot of choices to select from as the bags are available in a slew of shapes and sizes. The shape of the sleeping bags not only affect the size and volume but also the thermal properties.

Mummy Style Sleeping Bags – The mummy style bags make for greatly reduced air movement around your body. The tapered shape of the bag causes the internal volume of air to reduce, which in turn makes the bag more efficient in heat retention and providing warmth.

Mummy style bags differ from the traditional styles in that they are quite compact, and hence the ideal choice if you wish to go on long hikes. The safest and the most suited option for you under cold conditions is definitely the Mummy style bag.

Rectangular Sleeping Bags – Considering that this style doesn’t have tapered ends, it is heavier and bulkier than Mummy style bags. Even though Rectangular bags have less efficient heat insulation, they are more spacious than Mummy bags as they allow you to change sleeping positions.

Rectangular camping bags are a must buy if you are planning on a casual camping trip as long as the weather remains mild and not too hot or cold.

A comfortable make combined with a spacious interior makes the Double style sleeping bag perfect for couples. Obvious from the name, double sleeping bags are twice as large as single ones and provide adequate room for two people comfortably. Moreover, feeding off each other’s body heat provides an effective and fun alternative considering the below par heat retention of these bags.

Factor 2: Materials

The material compositions of camping bags are always either down or synthetic fibers. Down is a perfect example of a natural material since it uses the fluffy undercoating beneath the outer feathers of ducks and geese. If comfortable warmth in the cold is what you are looking for, then a down bag is ideal for you as it has amazing heat insulation properties as it traps the air within. On an outing, down filled bags are light and easily compressed which makes them fit anywhere small, and they can easily regain their shape as and when required. Inability to dry up quickly if wet and being more costly than synthetic materials are two reasons why down insulated camping bags are not preferred at all times. Despite being bulkier and weighing more than Down bags, Synthetics bags do retain heat when they are wet. If the Synthetic sleeping bags score over Down bags under wet conditions, the Down sleeping bags win over the synthetic ones in terms of portability. MK bucket bag


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