Long a byword for all things exotic and exciting, China is becoming more and more accessible for travelers, thanks in part to the huge success of the Olympic Games in 2008.

Bustling Beijing is one of the most fascinating cities in this remarkable country – a mixture of ancient architecture, modern values and newly erected English signs.

Luxury Hotels

There are a surprisingly large amount of luxury hotels to choose from in Beijing. For glamorous style, make Raffles Beijing your base – with its great location just off Tiananmen Square, it’s the top spot for culture lovers. Inside, the old-world and character filled rooms make a welcome change from the standard corporate chic.

The Opposite House, meanwhile, is a designer temple to futuristic urban style. Sleek, sparkling and cool, it’s a haven of minimalism and hip spa treatments. There are three award-winning restaurants, a nightclub, bar and technogym all on site, so guests will find it hard to leave its luxurious walls.

History and Culture

Beijing is packed with landmarks from China’s Imperial past, from the world famous Forbidden City to Tiananmen Square. The Forbidden City certainly doesn’t disappoint – the grandeur and scale of the architecture is breathtaking. It is hidden from outside eyes by a huge wall so head inside to the ‘museum’ to be granted a glimpse of Eastern mystery and magic.

The Great Wall

Situated about an hour outside of the city, the Great Wall has been one of China’s most visited and renowned attractions for decades. Although many tours are offered to the Great Wall, the most comfortable and convenient way to see this breathtaking spectacle is to hire a private taxi (speak to hotel reception). The driver will take you to a popular part of the monument and wait for a specified time, before returning you directly to your hotel.


China is well known for the wide range of its exceptional food around the world, but there are a few dishes that visitors to Beijing really should try. Peking Duck is one of the best experiences – famously originated from this city during colonial times, its consists of a whole duck served with pancakes, vegetables and hoi sin sauce. Order in Beijing and enjoy the special treat of a chef coming to your table to carve the bird expertly.

Dim Sum are another great treat. These dumpling-like snacks can be filled with anything from pork to onions, and are a truly delicious appetizer. Visitors might be familiar with the name from their home country, but Dim Sum in Beijing are softer, doughier and more subtle than anything comparable from outside of China! Boat Charter Cartagena Colombia


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