Breast Augmentation – Choose the Best Doctor for Your Procedure

Choose an experienced breast augmentation doctor to get the results that you want. Many women choose breast augmentation,

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 because they no longer wish to wear heavily padded bras or other bra inserts that make it appear that they have a larger bosom. Conduct research to check your doctor’s record before getting the surgery. You can research doctors through the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. You can also search the state’s medical board for the surgeon to see if there are any discipline measures taken against the doctor. Make sure that your doctor has a license in the state that you are visiting for the surgery. The website for state board of medical examiners for your state likely has a search engine to search for your doctor. Enter the doctor’s first and last name or the license number if you have it. You can find out if the doctor’s license has lapsed.

If you are undergoing outpatient surgery, make sure that your doctor can practice medicine at a nearby hospital just in case problems arise. During your consultation, ask the doctor about his hospital privileges. When checking to see if your doctor is board certified, check the qualifications for becoming a member of the organization. Doctors may join some board by simply paying a fee.

Visit potential doctors for consultations when deciding upon getting a breast augmentation. Bring pictures of the size that you would like to the doctor’s office. You can also ask the doctor for recommendations based on your bone structure and the condition of your bosom. The elasticity can also be a determining factor for the size of your enlarged bosom. You can expect to have an examination and you will be asked to present information related to your medical history. Your doctor will recommend whether or not your implants will be placed over or under your muscles, based on an examination of your breast. A good doctor will spend time explaining the advantages and disadvantages of each option. Listen carefully and take notes during your doctor’s explanations. You can also conduct some of your own research and ask your doctor follow-up questions, so you can be prepared to make informed decisions regarding your health.

The surgery itself can take two hours or more. You will most likely wake up in a recovery room, and you may feel sore and groggy. You can request medication to relieve your pain as well as extra blankets if you feel cold in the treatment room. You may have to wait a couple of hours in the treatment room until you feel well enough to go home. Nurses should check on your condition. Sometimes surgeons instruct patients to use cold compresses on the surgical area. Follow all of your doctor’s instruction, including instructions related to medication and care for your wounds. If you have drains for the extra fluid and blood, the doctor will tell you how to care for them and let you know when they will be removed. You will need to have someone to drive you home after your procedure. That person can also help you note your doctor’s instructions just in case you forget some of the information. Łukasz Budziaszek Prywatny Gabinet Lekarski


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