Building a YouTube Channel That Sells

Since it first popped onto the scene about five years ago, YouTube has had a profound impact on everything we do in Internet Marketing, MLM, and home business. How’s that for a big statement. Seriously, though, YouTube is a pretty big deal if you sell things for a living, not because it’s super different from any other selling tactics, but because it offers so many opportunities to do something new and interesting with the content you already have.

Why to Use YouTube

We want to know how to use video to impress and convince our viewers to sign up for lists, ask for more information, and eventually buy our products or sign on as new distributors. The reason YouTube is so great for this has little to do with the site itself and more to do with the fact that the people you’re trying to reach are pretty impatient and video is the perfect medium for people without an attention span.

Video allows you to make a statement quickly with visual panache, then distribute a short message to millions with the click of a button. It also doesn’t cost very much to produce video these days. Not much more expensive than the production of quality text content, video can stand out without breaking the bank. Free software that comes on Macs and PCs along with inexpensive screen capture software, built-in webcams, and phones can make for easy production in no time flat.

How to Create a Winning YouTube Presence

What works on YouTube though? Anything if you know how to present your ideas properly. You could put together a video of an article you just wrote in less than 20 minutes or you could sit down and dictate some interesting information on your webcam or you could put in a few days of hard work and create a full scale production complete with music, multiple camera angles and special effects.

All of those methods have worked in the past to make their creators a lot of money in this industry. The key is not in what the video looks like but in what it provides for your viewers. To put it simply, people like to learn things and to be entertained. Do both and you’re set. Here are some tips to get you there:

  • Avoid Cheesiness – Cheesy gimmicks, silly jokes, and other awkward stuff will scare people away. They want authenticity. If you cannot be funny and authentic together, you should stick to a serious, informative series of videos.
  • Test Different Formats – There are many format options that work on YouTube. I’ve posted a lot of videos that are really just PowerPoint presentations of articles I wrote. They took five minutes to export into a PowerPoint template, add a music track to and upload and they get a decent number of hits. Webinars on a webcam work very well too, especially if you already have a small blog or social media following to send to YouTube.
  • Make it Easy to Find – Make sure you create a channel that is easy to find and navigate. Do thorough keyword research and choose terms not only for your channel home page, but for every video you upload.
  • Commenting – You can’t comment on your own video (well, not without looking silly), but you can comment on other videos and drive those visitors back to your site. Think of your YouTube channel like a Twitter feed or a blog – you have to get out there and drive comment traffic back to you.

YouTube is an amazing tool, but it only works if you put a good amount of effort into it. Uploading a single video to YouTube and waiting for people to make it viral doesn’t work. You need to upload videos regularly – at least weekly or biweekly – and get involved in the YouTube community. Only then can you honestly expect to gain anything substantial for your investment. buy youtube comments


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