Cabo San Lucas Tourist Destination – A Detailed Travel Guide For A Potential Tourist

Cabo San Lucas is a big city situated at the Baja Peninsula in Mexico. It is currently known to be the second swiftest growing city in the entire Mexico with the high class resorts increasing constantly. In addition, Cabo resorts offer first-rate dining and accommodation services. Many visitors love this region because of the multiple activities they can do and the landmarks they can view. Have you ever thought of travelling in winter? Most people are more comfortable travelling in summer because of the warm weather. This region is different in this regard, since the peak season occurs in winter. It receives numerous guests in winter unlike many other tourist destinations. If you are planning a trip to this city, the following information can help you prepare in advance.

Entering the town
Flights to cabo are preferred by most travelers. They are cheap and quick. The planes land at the Los Cabos International Airport, which is about thirty to forty five minutes away from Cabo San Lucas. If you want to use a private charter jet or plane, there are some big companies that are waiting for your request. Most private jets use terminal two which has fourteen gates. In addition, the main American airlines have a direct connection to the airport. Even other countries are represented, such as the Canadian airlines. As soon as the plane lands at the Cabo international Airport, you can ride in a bus, a taxi or a rental car to the preferred resort. The rates can vary widely depending on each visitor’s needs.

There are three main districts that have a good number of resorts

a) Cabo San Lucas – This is the principal town in the region and it is about twenty miles away from the airport.
b) The corridor – This is a beautiful stretch of highway that links Cabo san Lucas and the third district called San Jose Del Cabo. You would certainly enjoy living in this area because of the facilities available. They include resorts, buildings and golf courses.
c) San Jose Del Cabo – This is the old city which is very near the airport mentioned above. Here you can learn Mexican traditions and cultures as well as live in brand new luxury resorts.

Moving around the districts
The auto rental services, especially the BMW scooters and motorcycles are a very stylish means of transportation. They are easily accessible and safe to use. These automobiles can be used to explore all the major towns and regions cheaply and comfortably. Taxis are major options too although they are not as preferred as bikes. If you use a reliable travel agent, you should not be the person to decide how to move around. The agency will book a resort which can give you transportation as well.

Things that you can see
You can observe natural features formed as a result of wind and sea activity in regions such as land’s End. Iglesia de san lucas is a church which has existed for close to three hundred years and it still looks attractive. There is a cultural center in the region which you can use to learn about the country, its history and people. cabo boat


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