Gone are the days of using an old golf bag as it does not matter to your game. It’s time to think again and to invest in a new one. Your golf bag is not just a holder for your clubs and balls. It is a vital piece of equipment which does have an effect on your game. If you want to improve your game think about your equipment. The wrong bag for you could affect your score. Choose the correct bag and you can have a more enjoyable round and focus on your game.

There can be a huge amount of negatives to using an incorrect golf bag. A heavy bag can have an impact on your energy. It can take all of your energy away from you giving you less power on your shots. By carrying a golf bag it can damage your lower back or shoulders. This can give you long term damage not only in your game but in day to day life. Also a messy golf bag can give a distraction to your game. Anything in your eye-line that is too distinctive can put you off your game.

However there are huge amounts of positives on your game which a bag can bring. By using a golf stand bag it can make it easier to find golf clubs in your bag. If you look smart you will play smart so by having a golf bag which looks the part will give you a massive boost in confidence on the course. When you have lots of confidence on the course you know that you will play better. Choose a bag with lots of compartments and pockets. By making your golf equipment more accessible it cuts down on the stress of your game.

When shopping for a golf bag it can be extremely difficult to choose. Get an idea in your head by reading these handy hints.


Golf bags can vary in price and go from very cheap and basic to top of the range, all singing and dancing. It can be too easy to get carried away by golf bags so set a budget and stick to it. Try and find the best quality bag on the market for that price. By shopping online you can find huge discounts from factory direct companies.

Am I Fit Enough?

A question you have to ask yourself is are you fit enough? Think about how strong your back and shoulders are. Do you go for a carry bag or a trolley bag? If you are confident about your fitness then carry a bag which has padded double straps. This will give you more comfort during a round and less strain on your back.

Stand bagMost golf bags now come with a built in stand. By having these it can make it easier to select a club from the bag. However the biggest advantage is that you do not have to strain your back picking up and putting the bag down. A stand will help protect the bag from getting dirty on wetter days. michael kors bags for cheap


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