Many towns with aging waste and potable water tanks are struggling to keep their precious water flowing due to cracked and leaking concrete water tanks. Concrete tanks are prone to cracking due to ground movement especially in our Australian climate of extreme dry and wet periods. This causes the steel reinforcing to deteriorate and weaken the concrete. Small leaks can be repaired with expanding hydraulic mortar, but larger holes will need a tank liner and steel banding to stabilise the tank.

The best concrete tank repair solution is a tank liner which protects the stored water from external contaminants such as UV rays, harsh chemicals, bacteria and rust. This can prolong the life of the concrete structure and prevent the need for costly replacement.

Can concrete tank repairs be undertaken while the tank is in use? It depends on the extent of the damage, and in particular the type of tank. It is possible to repair a concrete storage tank whilst it remains in service, but it is important to drain the tank and to clean out any sediment and debris on the surface before applying the repair solution.

Whether you are repairing a concrete water tank or a chemical storage tank, it is crucial to choose the right repair product for your specific needs. Some products are marketed as being able to fix cracks in concrete tanks but it is very important that you never tip these into your water tank in the hope that they will fix a leak. Doing so could lead to contaminated water, blocked plumbing and a major clean up task. concrete tank repairs


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