In business, efficiency plus hard work equals productivity. As much as possible, you want to earn profit in the least expense. One area that you can save a bundle and earn a lot is marketing. You need to carry out a marketing plan that uses cost effective materials while gaining you profitable customers. One material you can consider is the postcard.

Postcards are actually an efficient way for many businesses to gain new customers and boost sales from current customers. They are incredibly inexpensive to generate and mail. In fact, you can create one in less time than a letter. What’s best is you can use your post cards in lots of ways to market your business. These include:

1. generate sales leads

2. draw in new customers

3. create foot traffic to your store or your trade show booth

4. draw in customers to your website

5. reinforce your relationship with your current customers

6. get sales meetings with prospective customers

7. publicize a special offer or discount

8. foster relationships with long term customers

9. announce new products and services

10. influence your target market to check out your sample CD

11. boost traffic to your store

12. encourage clients to join your event

13. publicize the opening of your business

14. encourage inactive customers to buy again with a special promo

15. announce your business hours

16. tell your prospects that you will be in the neighborhood on a certain date

17. remind your customers that they are due to buy your products or avail of your service again

18. tell your customers that you are moving and give them your new address

19. do survey with your customers

20. if you just had your store renovated, announce the re-opening schedule and invite them to the event

21. hand out a coupon that gives a discount on certain products at your store

22. tell your customers the opening of your new store near your their area

23. remind customers when your products or services are available for purchase

24. mailing a follow up postcard printing after sending a sales letter

25. sending a thank you note

26. tell customers of deadline for seasonal purchases

27. get names, addresses and other contact details of prospective customers by asking them to send back your survey card

28. keep in touch with customers

29. inform customers of changes in your business such as introducing new policies or a new manager

30. offer a freebie that your customers can redeemed when they visit your store to make a purchase

In order to carry out all those uses of post cards, it is important that you create a compelling design. Keep in mind that the front of your card is not the only area that should be designed effectively. Make sure that the back is also designed compellingly. If you will use a template make sure that you choose one that is applicable to the nature of your business.

Whatever kind of design you choose, be sure that your message will be delivered across clearly without being covered up. You can do this by properly addressing each card so the right card reaches the right recipient. The last thing you would want is an ineffective card that’ll only waste your money and effort and doesn’t reach their destinations, or if they do arrive at their destination, they are already hard to read. Trovare clienti


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