Dragon Ball Characters – Majin

MAIJIN are a race of magical creatures in the Dragon Ball universe, created by intergalactic magician Bibidi. They make their first appearance in “The Djinn Awakens!”, the 460th chapter of the Dragon Ball manga. Majins are typically pink but can change colors based on their gender and sex. They are omnivorous, but love sweets more than anything else. They can also clone themselves by simply plucking off a part of their body and allowing it to grow.

The Majin race is unique in that they are able to absorb power from others and use it. This is what allows them to be so powerful, as they can become nearly unstoppable in their attacks. Majins have a strong connection to the spiritual world and can communicate with one another over great distances through teleportation. They are often described as being a bit like Gods because of their power and mystical connections.

Despite their immense powers, Majins are usually kind and compassionate beings. They value the lives of those around them and are willing to sacrifice their own for the good of others. They are often shown showing empathy with the suffering of humans, which has made them one of the most beloved races in all of Dragon Ball.

How Did Vegeta Become A Majin?

Vegeta became a Majin when he absorbed Beerus during the fight with Goku in the Tournament of Power. He did so because he wanted to fight Goku on equal ground without the help of his Grand Supreme Kai sidekick, Babidi.

In addition to absorbing the power of the Super Saiyan 2, Vegeta gained a new form that was stronger than any of his other forms. He called this new form Majin Vegeta. His new power level was higher than a Super Saiyan 2 and a trillion times stronger than he was in his regular form.

When Vegeta becomes a Majin, he gains the ability to turn his body into energy, which he can then use to attack his opponents. This is why his attacks are so devastating, as they can take out entire planets in a matter of seconds. He can also teleport and create a barrier to protect himself and his allies.

The Dragon Ball Xenoverse games have given us more insight into the history of the Majin race. It has been revealed that there was a Majin homeworld that was destroyed by some unknown force, leaving only the Majins that survived on earth.

Majins are a race of magical beings that are a combination of human and animal traits. They are a race that was created by intergalactic magician Bibidi or his doppelganger, Babidi. They have the ability to absorb the spirit of an enemy and use that power against them. They are a very powerful race that is capable of becoming a Supreme Kai, the elite overseers of the universe. This was confirmed in the movie Dragon Ball Fusions, which introduced a character named Ratopa who is a Majin.


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