Elevate Your Wardrobe With a Tom James Blazer, Sport Coat, and Suit

The right sport coat, blazer, and suit can set you apart as the confident and elegant man who owns the room. With custom clothing, you can elevate your wardrobe to always project professionalism and competence. Schedule time with a Tom James clothier today to learn more about how our shirts, suits, and jackets can elevate your look.

Sport Coat
A sport coat is a lighter alternative to a suit jacket, but it can still add sophistication to casual outfits. This is because it’s typically made from a heavier fabric, like wool, tweed, or shearling, and it has a more relaxed fit. Sport coats also come in a variety of colors, fabrics, and patterns, so you can pick one that expresses your personal style.

While you can wear a sports coat in any setting, it’s especially appropriate for business casual or social events. You can pair a sports coat with jeans or chinos to dress up your look. For more formal occasions, try pairing it with a suit or tuxedo pants.

What is the difference between a sport coat and blazer?
Though they’re often referred to interchangeably, a sport coat and a blazer are very different. Sport coats are typically single-breasted, while blazers can be either single- or double-breasted. A blazer is usually more structured than a sport coat, with lapels that are more likely to fold over and a straighter, narrow cut at the shoulders. It’s common for blazers to have more contrasting buttons than sport coats. Sport coat


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