Whether you’re an out-of-town investor or a busy property owner who wants to keep their hands off daily onsite operations, finding reliable property managers near me is essential. While these services are not free, they can save you time and money in the long run by handling tenant screening, maintenance calls, and property inspections. If you’re looking for a property manager, start by asking your real estate agent or friends and family for recommendations. You can also look for tech-enabled management companies that use apps like Yardi to streamline maintenance requests or monthly rent payments.

Property management companies offer a full range of services to residential rental properties. They handle advertising, showings, and inquiries from potential tenants, along with conducting background and credit checks. They are also responsible for collecting and distributing rent, managing lease agreements, and handling tenant issues and complaints. Moreover, they provide support for landlords who need assistance with evictions or violations of the law.

Some property managers charge a flat fee for their services, while others may add extra costs such as a vacancy fee and maintenance fees to the standard management fee. Lastly, you should always ask a prospective property manager how much their services will cost on both a monthly and yearly basis.

BCB Property Management is a multifamily property management firm that specializes in New York City. Its team of experts manages over 120 buildings and 1,800 apartments. They work with both condos and co-ops, maximizing maintenance programs, developing capital projects, and creating building data dashboards. They also provide a variety of additional services, including financial planning and upholding safety and compliance through inspections. property managers near me


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