Providing workers with the training they need to perform their jobs safely helps them work more effectively. It also reduces the need for costly repairs or injuries. Effective training can include education, awareness, and training on how to identify and control hazards. It can also address the types of safety hazards that are most common in different environments and ways to prevent or avoid them. Workers also need training on how to participate in the health and safety program, including contacting their supervisor or employer when they have concerns, seeking help from co-workers, or becoming a worker representative or joint health and safety committee member.

Those who complete this online health and safety awareness course will learn the main elements of working safely and how to follow government and HSE guidelines in the workplace. It covers the legal responsibilities of both employers and employees, common causes of accidents, what to do in the event of an accident as well as how to report accidents. It also looks at good practice in relation to electricity, the dangers of fire and the risks associated with confined spaces and permit-to-work.

The course is delivered entirely online and allows learners to progress through the course at their own pace. This is ideal for organizations with geographically dispersed learners. It also provides a cost-effective alternative to classroom-based training. The training is interactive and engaging, and online learning systems can provide real-time tracking of learner progress and performance. health and safety awareness course


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