This article is going to cover many of the most frequently asked questions about home insulation batts. Once you have read and understood the answers, you should be in a better position to decide if they are right for insulating your own home.What exactly are home insulation batts?This is the first question that most people ask. The simple answer is that they are insulation devices used in roofing and loft spaces, in order to increase the energy efficiency of your home. They do this by retaining heat and preventing the excessive loss of heat through the roof, by providing extra insulation.What uses do home insulation batts bring to the home?Insulation batts bring a range of benefits to the home. Obviously, the main benefit is being able to provide much greater insulation. This means your home will stay warmer for longer periods of time. This in turn increases the energy efficiency of your home, so you will reduce your energy bill, while increasing the overall temperate inside.Why should I keep my home warmer?There are the health costs which will vary depending on your climate and the length of your winter. Everyone knows about the mortal dangers of being cold in the winter and each year people still die from hyperthermia (the elderly are most susceptible).There are also the benefits to your property. Keeping your property warmer is very important for the structure itself. If your property is not well insulated then condensation can form inside. This is very common in older properties, and the result can lead to mold. This then leads to a more serious problem and can jeopardize the structure itself. Cracks and structural problems can quickly surface once mold is formed.Why is the attic insulation important?The attic is usually the most cost effective place to add insulation in your home. This is because most heat escapes through the roof, and is the easiest place to quickly insulate. Adding home insulation batts is a very simple and cost effective method. If you were to hire contractors, they usually blow loose fill into and over the top of the ceiling joists. As you can see, the batts are much better for those who want to do the work themselves and save money.Can I add the insulation pads myself?Yes. Any insulation in your attic should not take someone more than a day to complete. The first thing that you need to do is to ensure you know the area that needs to be covered. Different homes need to have different parts covered. It could be the just the floor space between the joists that you need to insulate. You will need to get up in the attic and take a look first.You will need to take measurements in order to ensure you have enough insulation. Following this, you need to ensure you have enough insulation to cover the depth of the space. The basic tools that you need are protective clothing, a dust respirator, gloves, goggles, full cover pants & shirt, lighting, and a ladder if necessary to access the attic.Can I really save money in the long term?Insulating your home will save money for most people. The varying degree depends on the current level of home insulation that is present in the home. The less insulation that you currently have, the more you can potentially save.If you don’t have insulation batts then you will need to compensate for the cold weather with another method. For most households, this means turning the heating up, which obviously uses more energy, and costs more. spray insulation


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