How Promotional Items Can Win Customers Over

Handing out pens, t-shirts, or even mouse pads with your logo on them is one of the strongest marketing tools you can utilize. While it might not seem relevant in this day and age, having those items around the house will constantly remind the person of your business.

For any company, giving away these promotional items, without expecting anything in return, drives up your business. People start to see your logo and remember it. They start forming ideas of what you do and view it in a positive light. Why? Because they got something from you for free with no harassment or expectation. Yes, you want them to become regular customers, but you’re not pushy about it.

Staple Objects

There are tried and true promotional items that you should have in your arsenal. These include notepads and pens. They are easy to hand out, and everyone can use a pen or two during the day. Items like mugs and water bottles are also great items to have at the ready. These are things that they will use on a regular basis. In addition, rulers, pencils, and erasers are time-tested options.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to these things. They are among the cheapest to purchase but if you are going to be at a state fair or other area with a large gathering of people, you might invest in hats or even some t-shirts to hand out. People love getting free clothes, even if all they use them for is to work around the house. Reusable grocery bags are also another great idea.

Think Outside the Box

You don’t want to get lost in the crowd of pens and pencils, though. In order not to get lost in the shuffle, you should use your imagination and go for promotional items that speak to your company and are still relatively cheap to produce. If you are a computer technology company, get some USB drives or portable chargers branded with your company logo. Your potential customers can use these items every day, and it relates back to your business.

For gym or fitness center owners, you might consider something like sweatbands or gym socks. You could also put your name and logo on a pedometer so your clients can track their steps. These things help them get in shape while remembering that you are a gym that they may want to join to promote their health.

You should also flow with the times. Everyone has a cell phone, and cases are popular as a way to individualize mundane devices. Yes, these are a little more expensive to have produced, however, if you hand them out at fairs and festivals, they could bring a lot of business your way.

Don’t be afraid to tailor your promotional items to the type of business you want to receive. If you are trying to get your foot in the door to work with other businesses, then hand out desk calendars or stationary to their employees. If you’re looking for clients who like a little fun, go a little more casual with something like fun shaped stress balls, wristbands, or candy packs. Custom Fuzzy Socks


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