How to Add Videos to Your YouTube Favorites

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If you have a youtube favorites channel or video on YouTube, you may want to create a playlist that contains all of the videos you like. This will allow you to easily access all of your favorites, and can also be useful for sharing with others. In order to add a video to your YouTube playlist, you must first have the video in your library. If you do not already have the video, you can search for it using YouTube’s search bar. You can then click on the video to add it to your list of favorites.

YouTube is a platform that allows content creators to upload videos about any topic they choose. These videos are then viewed and commented on by users around the world. Some of these videos become extremely popular and can lead to new subscribers and revenue for the content creator.

One of the most common types of YouTube videos are how-to videos. These are a great way to monetize a channel because they can include affiliate links, which direct viewers to an online store where they can purchase the product being reviewed. Another type of YouTube video that can be monetized is a favorite/best of video, which lists a creator’s favorite products of the month, week, or all time.

Another popular type of YouTube video is a parody or spoof of a famous song or movie. These videos are often made by people with a sense of humor and a creative flair, and can be highly entertaining. They are also a good way to get attention for your own channel and can help you gain new subscribers.

Music and rap videos are another popular YouTube video type. Many of these videos have gone viral, with some being watched by millions of people. This type of video can be a great way to build a following for a YouTube content creator, and can even lead to sponsorship opportunities. Some of the biggest YouTubers, such as Pewdiepie and KSI, have created a number of popular music videos, and have been successful in gaining a large audience from this type of video.

If you want to keep your YouTube playlist private, you can do so by changing the privacy setting in the list’s settings. You can also change the name of the playlist, and decide whether you want to allow others to see the list. You can also edit the description of the playlist, and set an image to display as the cover photo. You can also change the number of items in the list and sort the playlist by title or date. You can also delete a video from the list, or move it to a different playlist. To do this, click the 3-dot menu in the upper-right corner of any YouTube page, and select “Playlists”. This will bring up your list of playlists, including the Watch Later and Liked videos lists, as well as the Favorites list.


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