How to Become More Efficient in Car Detailing

Having your car thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis is important for several reasons. Not only does it help keep the vehicle looking great, but it can also increase resale value and even extend its life by removing harmful chemicals from the surface of the paint and other surfaces. However, just as it takes time and effort to find the right job candidate, it can take just as much time and effort to run a detailing business efficiently.

The first step in becoming more efficient is to simplify the products and tools you use. This means reducing the number of different products you have to store and finding out how your supplies can be used for multiple purposes. For example, a rinseless wash like Optimum No Rinse can be used as both a window cleaner and a detail spray. Using the same product for different applications reduces the risk of swirl marks and scratches, as well as wasting products.

Another way to become more efficient is by taking advantage of every minute on the job. Start with the most dirtiest areas of the vehicle and work your way through the rest. Often, wheels and tires are the dirtiest parts of a vehicle because they’re in constant contact with the road, picking up oil, gas, salt, mud, debris, and a host of other contaminants. Start with them, then work your way down to the paintwork.

Paint Correction

Using a high-speed buffer, detailers can often take away flaws on the top layer of the paint. This can bring back the shine and luster to the surface, as well as eliminate things like dull paint, oxidation, and other defects. This is a common process and can be completed for an additional cost to make the paint on the vehicle look better than new.

Interior Cleaning

When working on the interior of a vehicle, a detailer will vacuum and shampoo the seats, carpets, mats, headliner, and trunk to remove any dirt and debris. They will also use a leather cleaner and soap to clean any leather components in the vehicle and a glass cleaner to wipe down the windows. Many detailers will also treat the odors in the vehicle with a deodorizer to leave it smelling fresh.

A professional detailer will usually set packages and prices for the different services that they offer. This allows them to be more effective at their jobs and can help them make more money per hour. However, it’s important that they know how to adjust their pricing for different vehicles and conditions. A detailing business platform can help them do this by helping them create perfect estimates, track their clients’ vehicles, and even automate billing. Mobile Tech RX is one such service that is designed to help car detailers make more money at their jobs. car detailing


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