How to Choose an Anti Wrinkling Cream

Trying to choose a good anti wrinkling cream can be frustrating for many reasons. Trying to find out what the ingredients are, before you buy the product is one of the frustrating factors.

Sure, you can stand in a department store and read the label. But many of the better products are kept behind the cosmetic counter. You have to ask for assistance just to read the label.

The US Food and Drug Administration warns that cosmetic users should become familiar with the ingredients used by cosmetic companies and always read the label. Their surveys indicate that most cosmetic users have had an adverse reaction at some point in their life.

The only way to protect your skin is to learn which ingredients can cause irritations or allergic reactions and avoid them. But, if you cannot read the label, that’s hard to do. Some companies seem to think that we don’t care what’s in our skincare products. A salesperson once told me that. I responded with, “I care and so should you.”

Another frustration has to do with the manufacturer claims. They are allowed to say that they have “proven” results, when they have not tested their products.

Companies have never been required to test anti wrinkling cream. The manufacturers that provide the wholesale ingredients conduct testing in order to get the cosmetic companies to buy the ingredient.

Then the cosmetic company uses the results of the wholesale manufacturer’s tests in their advertising claims. Whether or not the company uses the same concentration used in those tests or the same type of emollients is very difficult to determine.

According to a trial conducted by Consumer Reports in 2007, the best anti-aging creams provide no more than a 10% reduction in wrinkle depth after 12 weeks of use. On the other hand, a couple of more recent studies (mostly sponsored by cosmetic companies) have shown that over-the-counter anti wrinkling cream can be just as effective as the expensive prescription strength tretinoin.

The beneficial effects of tretinoin should be the standard benchmark for comparing effectiveness, according to many dermatologists. Were it not for the high price, the need for a prescription and the unwanted side effects, more people would likely use it.

Now, it seems that we don’t have to pay the price, see a doctor or put up with redness, itching and irritation. With wrinkling cream that contains antioxidants, plant-based oils, natural extracts and active proteins; we can improve the skin’s health, reduce wrinkles, improve firmness and reverse sun damage.

There is still going to be the frustration of comparing ingredients when we can find a listing of them. There will also be the hassle of doing the research to find out if the companies’ claims are justified. But, at least we know that some products do work. That was sometimes the most frustrating part, wondering if anything was actually effective.

It pays to be skeptical about anti wrinkling cream. A few words of advice before you go shopping. Look for non-allergenic, non-toxic compounds that are literally safe enough to eat. It turns out the most effective ingredients are also the safest. tazarotene uk


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