If you have solid gold jewellery, regularly cleaning it can keep it looking sparkling new. Taking your gold jewellery off when you wash your hands and using a separate jewellery box to avoid it getting soiled by other pieces is helpful, as is removing it in the bath or shower. It’s also best to take your gold jewellery off before doing chores that involve chemicals, such as chlorine bleach, which can discolour or tarnish the metal.

Fashion jewellery is typically made of non-precious base metals and tends to be cheaper than solid gold, but it can still need regular cleaning to remove dirt build up and maintain its appearance. To clean this kind of jewellery, you can use a solution of warm water and liquid hand soap or mild dish soap. The soap helps to break down any grease on the surface of the jewelry, making it easier to remove. You can use a soft brush or a microfiber cloth to scrub the surface of the jewellery, paying special attention to any crevices or hard-to-reach areas. After scrubbing, rinse the jewellery thoroughly under running water and gently pat dry.

For a more thorough clean, you can try using a homemade cleaning solution of baking soda and water. This solution will need to be soaked for several minutes before you can scrub with a brush or soft cloth. For more stubborn dirt or tarnish, you can also use commercial jewelry cleaners that are specifically designed for gold, following the instructions on the label. how to clean gold jewellery


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