How to Create Beautiful Paper Quilling Art

Paper Quilling Art is a decorative technique that involves rolling, twisting, and bending thin strips of colorful paper to form detailed shapes. In its simplest form, it resembles the iron filigree used in jewelry and other household decorations from ancient cultures and is often compared to metal work because of its similarity.

Quilling is an approachable craft that can be a relaxing and meditative practice. While there is no limit to how creative you can get with this technique, we recommend starting with a simple design and focusing on perfecting your skills. This will help you build up the confidence and confidence to attempt more elaborate designs in the future.

Start by sketching out your design on a sheet of paper. This will act as your guide and will serve as a map to help you create the shapes you need to complete the project. You can purchase quilling patterns online or find them in quilling kits.

Once you have the basic shapes you need, glue them into place. You may also want to use a quilling board at this stage, which helps keep your shapes in place so they don’t unfurl as you wait for the glue to dry. You can either purchase a pre-made quilling board or make your own out of styrofoam or corkboard with a few sewing pins.

Many contemporary artists are taking this traditional craft to new heights. Artists like Farah Al Fardh are trailblazers in the Arab world for their creative quilling creations, while Yulia Brodskaya puts a modern spin on an ancient tradition with her whimsical works. Paper Quilling Art


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