How to Paint by Numbers Your Own Picture

Painting by numbers is an excellent and fun way to relax, Malen nach Zahlen eigenes foto unwind and enjoy creative expression without having to be a professional artist. The process divides a picture into sections, each marked with a number that corresponds to a particular color.

This method is great for beginners and experts alike. The best part is that there’s no learning curve, you just need to follow the instructions and let the numbers guide your brushstrokes!

Whether you want to create a beautiful piece of art from your favorite photo or re-live an event through paint, it’s easy to turn your pictures into a stunning masterpiece. All you need is a clear, high-quality picture that’s at least 750 pixels in height and width.

Upload your image on PBNify and wait for the conversion to complete. Then save the filled and outline versions of your painting, print them out, and get to work!

PBNify is a free online application that allows you to convert your image into a paint-by-number template. The app will generate an outline, a palette, and a color key for you to use in your paint by numbers project.

Once you’ve created a paint-by-number template, you can use it as a pattern to mix and match acrylic paint colors. This is a great way to practice your color mixing skills and discover new hues that you might like to incorporate into your future paintings.

You can also use your paint-by-number templates to create custom painting kits using your own photos! This is a great way to give someone a gift they’ll love while adding a personal touch to their home.

A good way to start is by choosing a photo that is clear and bright, with plenty of detail in the subject. It’s also a good idea to choose a picture that is at least 750 pixels high and wide so that it will fit on a standard canvas size.

Another way to turn your image into a paint-by-number is by using an app on your mobile device. One of the most popular free apps for this is PBNify, which lets you convert any picture to a paint-by-number template.

This app works with a variety of image formats, and it supports both Android and iOS devices. It’s a simple and fast way to convert any picture into a paint-by-number design that you can print out and use as a painting template!

The app also features a palette with colors that you can use to mix your own paints. You can even customize the palette by adjusting the color mode and settings.

Once your painting is complete, you can display it in your home or give it as a gift to friends and family. Creating these kinds of paintings is a great way to release stress and improve mood, as well as foster brain plasticity that helps the brain develop and grow.


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