Important Facts With Regard To Boiler Service

Boilers are key home gadgets which are utilized for warming as well as providing hot water for home requirements. Normally most of us do not bother about boilers once they are installed, but we worry when it breaks down. We use a boiler service only when they no longer function in a proper way.  This is not the way to maintain a boiler. It is actually great as well as sensible to get the system overhauled at regular intervals. This way you can keep away from preventable flaws and expenses. At times the fault may be such that you may have to change the complete unit. Thus boilers have to be serviced every year so that it functions safely and efficiently as well.

Exact instant for boiler service

A boiler should be serviced occasionally which is once in a year or based on manufacturer’s guidances. Ordinarily throughout the service, the system is opened and cleaned. There are distinctive parts in a heater which furnishes the warming as well as hot water and it is basic to conduct a full service. Generally the boiler service is done during the end of summer as the climate is fine and then the heater will not be used regularly then. When the boiler is not used regularly then the parts inside gets clogged and this requires a servicing. Thus you can have your boiler ready for the winter.

 Boiler servicing also takes place when any kind of malfunctions take place. May be the boiler is making too much of noise or heat given out is not sufficient then under such circumstances a full unit service will do well. But still the parts which are problematic will be addressed first.

Signals for Boiler Servicing

More often than not these equipments start to show some early warning signs that it requires a service.  Some of the ordinary signs for you to go for boiler service are:

  • The boiler flame will be either yellow in colour or irregular;
  • Either the stream of hot water is restricted or the water may not be as hot as it usually used to be;
  • You will see stains or marks of smoke near the boiler;
  • Repeated boiler refilling or excess heating;
  • Deafening sound generated by the fan in the boiler;
  • The light goes off frequently and drop in pressure can also be noticed.

Service cost

The normal fee to service a normal unit will not be heavy but if you have a high efficiency water heater then the boiler service rates will be a bit more than normal. Other factors which have an impact on the service charge is the location of your home. If your home is very far from the servicing company then an additional fee may also be charged.


Sometimes carbon monoxide an odourless as well as tasteless gas may leak from your boilers. But to check this kind of leak you need to conduct a regular boiler service which will help you to keep away from such risks. stroud plumbers


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