Jobs That Require a High Degree of Schooling

Getting a degree is an important step in many people’s careers. But, it isn’t the only path to a well-paying job.

Using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 24/7 Wall St. has compiled a list of jobs that pay well without requiring a high-level degree. Several of these jobs also require additional training and certifications.

Prep Cook

Prep cooks in restaurants are the people who make sure food lines run smoothly. They stock important ingredients so that line cooks have everything they need at their disposal when busy orders start rolling in. They also work with food distributors to receive and store products that need to be used soon.

They wash and cut vegetables, meat, fish, cheeses and other foods. They also prepare dishes like broths and stocks, using vegetable and meat trimmings to make the base for soups or sauces. They are the ones who know exactly what they need to do when it comes time for service and can pivot from task to task as needed, according to Betterteam.

They also need to be able to communicate with other kitchen staff members quickly and clearly so they can flag any issues or problems immediately. Most prep cooks are provided with on-the-job training and get trained on workplace safety regulations and knife skills.


Lifeguards keep swimmers safe at a swimming pool, beach, lake, water park or other aquatic area by enforcing rules and responding to emergencies. They inspect safety equipment and may double as swimming instructors or pool cleaners. Lifeguards must be physically fit and have recognised first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation qualifications. They are positioned in places that allow them to obtain an optimum observation of the water and bathers, such as lifeguard towers, high platforms with chairs, landmarks or tall rock structures.

During a shift, they examine injured persons and administer first aid or cardiopulmonary resuscitation if necessary. They also test the pool water for chlorine content and record readings. They are responsible for the cleanliness of the pool and its surroundings, including removing feces and cleaning up trash. They communicate with one another by using whistles, two-way radios or megaphones to exchange information and coordinate rescues. They may also use row rescue boats, which are maneuverable wood paddle boats used to reach distressed swimmers from a distance.


While a high school diploma isn’t always required for a professional babysitter, it can help your job prospects. Parents will generally want to see your resume before hiring you, and a solid set of references — both personal and professional — is a must. A first aid and CPR course is also highly recommended.

Babysitters are typically hired on a short-term basis to watch kids while their parents go out for an evening or weekend. They often work with many families at once and are on call as needed.

They’re sometimes asked to prepare meals, but more commonly, they reheat dinners that the family has left over or pick up pizza. They may also play games and arts and crafts with the children they’re watching, or help them with homework. Some babysitters are independent contractors who earn more than $2,600 per year from a single client and must pay self-employment taxes. Others are employed by in-home child care businesses and are considered household employees for tax purposes.

House Sitter

Choosing the right house-sitting gig isn’t as simple as Tinder — in exchange for free lodging, you are expected to care for someone else’s worldly possessions and often beloved pets. Reliability and trustworthiness are vital, as is attention to detail. You need to be willing to follow instructions and handle any unexpected situations that may arise.

If you don’t feel comfortable with a particular assignment, decline it respectfully and explain why. Homeowners can appreciate transparency and openness.

A large percentage of housesits involve pet sitting, so you need to exude a love for all things furry (and sometimes slimy). If you have special skills, such as gardening or unclogging a drain, be sure to highlight them. Enthusiasm also goes a long way, especially when dealing with the occasional cranky homeowner or their grumpy or hyperactive pets. This is not a job for people who are easily offended. you could look here


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