Cabinets are an essential kitchen feature, providing storage and a place to showcase dishes. They can be crafted from wood, plywood or medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and sprayed with a protective finish. The doors can be framed with a traditional face frame or a more modern, frameless construction.

For a look that blends in with walls, paint cabinets the same color as your wall color for a clean, finished look. Deep blue is a stellar cabinet color that will never go out of style, while yellows and greens work well with a variety of accent colors.

A popular backsplash trend is antiqued mirrored glass, which can also be used on cabinets. It can help to visually expand a room’s size, creating a sense of space and light by reflecting nearby windows, natural light and even your favorite artwork. Designer David Howell used handblown silvered glass on this Manhattan kitchen’s upper cabinets to accentuate the city skyline.

Unlike base cabinets, which are typically uniform in width and depth, upper cabinets vary depending on the kitchen layout and practical requirements. They are usually wider and deeper than their lower counterparts and may include a hutch for additional storage.

A simple way to dress up standard cabinets is by slathering them in a rich paint and adding shiny brass hardware. The subtle contrast between the glossy finishes and the matte surface of the wood adds warmth to this contemporary kitchen. kitchen cabinet design


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