A simple cylinder shape makes this LED cylinder light a versatile addition to any home decor. It’s easy to pair it with a table centerpiece or to highlight an architectural feature. The frosted glass diffuser softens the light for a gentle glow. This fixture also features a six hour auto-on timer, which is ideal for everyday use.

LED lights are more efficient than their incandescent and CFL counterparts. They don’t produce as much heat, so they need less electricity to function. However, they still need a heat sink to dissipate their thermal energy. Without one, LEDs can burn out and become less effective. LED cylinder lights feature a built-in heat sink, so you don’t need to worry about adding an external one.

Because LEDs are directional, they need more sophisticated engineering to produce as much light as possible. Traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs emit light in all directions, but LEDs are more concentrated. This allows them to save energy and money by only lighting the areas you want to see. However, it’s a challenge to design an LED bulb that delivers enough light in all directions, especially when you consider the size and cost constraints of most commercial spaces.

The cylinder shape of this fixture lends it a unique silhouette that makes it a perfect fit for commercial spaces. These spaces often require downlighting or highlighting of retail displays and other objects. LED cylinder downlights mount directly to the ceiling, and they’re available in multiple lumen outputs. They’re also available in different beam spreads to accommodate varying applications.

These lights are also popular for stairwells, corridors and other areas where you want downlighting that adds a sense of luxury to the space. They can even be installed outdoors to illuminate entranceways, walkways and porches. Some models have a rectangular back plate that contrasts with the rounded body for a sleek look.

USAI Lighting offers a variety of recessed and surface mount LED cylinder lights to suit any space and style. These lights can be used in a wide range of applications, including commercial offices, retail spaces and hospitality. Many of the fixtures are ENERGY STAR certified, so you can be sure they’re using as little energy as possible.

You can customize your LED cylinder lights by changing the position, rotation and roll settings. You can also adjust the Radiance, Shadow Type and Samples setting. The Item Transform tool provides additional handles to adjust the Cylinder Light directly in 3D viewport. This is a great way to try out the different controls before finalizing your selection.


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