If you’re moving out of state, it’s a good idea to get quotes from several different movers. It’ll give you a sense of how much the move is likely to cost and help you spot any red flags like prices that are way above or below the competition’s.

Moving quotes out of state are a little different than local moves within the same city, or even intrastate moves (moves between two cities in the same state). The main reason is that an interstate move or cross-country move is based on weight rather than hourly labor rates. This means that the more stuff you have, the higher your moving quote will be.

Some movers offer an online form where you can input details about your stuff and receive a virtual moving estimate. Others may need to send a representative to your home to physically survey your stuff and provide an in-home estimate. If your stuff is too big to fit into the space that the company’s trucks occupy, they may charge you extra to transport items into storage.

Most movers also have a “binding-not-to-exceed” moving estimate option where they will guarantee that the total cost of your move won’t exceed a certain number. This is a great option for those that want the security of knowing what their move will cost in advance, without having to do an in-home survey. The best movers will offer this option at no additional cost.

Another important factor in determining your moving costs is the day of the week and the month of the year you’re moving. Moving companies tend to charge more for moves that occur on weekends and during peak season (spring through late summer). In addition, they’ll typically charge more for a long-distance move than a short-distance move.

You’ll also have to consider whether you’ll need any special services during your move. For example, if you’re planning to donate items to charity or if you’re moving for work, you’ll need to account for those expenses in your budget.

The final item to factor in is any storage that you might need. Many movers offer both short and long-term storage solutions, either in their own facilities or with partners in the origin and destination cities. These will usually be charged on a monthly basis and can range in price depending on the volume of your storage.

To make the most of your move, start packing about two months in advance. This will ensure that your items are ready to be loaded up on the truck, and it’ll allow you to get a better estimate from the movers. And remember that it’s always a good idea to tip your movers 15%-20% of the total moving price. They work hard to keep your move safe and fast, and you should show your appreciation! moving quotes out of state


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