When you’re starting or running a business, financing is usually necessary to get started and maintain operations. Most traditional lenders check your personal credit and business credit score to make sure you’re creditworthy before approving any loans. However, if you have bad business credit or no business credit, it can be difficult to find loan options.

Fortunately, there are some alternative financing solutions that don’t require a credit check or have low minimum credit scores. These include merchant cash advances, payment processor loans and invoice factoring. These types of business financing often have higher fees and rates than traditional loans, but they can be a good solution if you need funding for your company fast.

The following loans have lower than usual credit requirements:

Square’s loan program, called Square Capital, offers working capital based on sales. If you use Square to process payments, the lender can automatically determine whether your business qualifies for a short-term advance. The approval and funding process is simple, and the loan terms are relatively flexible.

Another option is a business credit line from Lendio, an online lending marketplace that allows you to prequalify without affecting your credit. The site will then match you with a lender that fits your needs. Lendio has a wide range of small business credit lines with different interest rates and repayment terms. It also has a variety of other financing options, including merchant cash advances and asset-based lines of credit.

A third option is Paypal Working Capital, which offers a line of credit to ecommerce businesses that process most of their transactions through the platform. To qualify, you must be a “low-risk” business, which Paypal doesn’t define, and your business must be in a stable industry with consistent sales history. The interest rate is relatively high, but the fee structure is predictable.

Other sources of funding for a small business include government grants and private foundations. The SBA and Department of Commerce both offer a variety of grant programs, but you should have a solid business plan and excellent credit to qualify for most of these.

As a general rule, any type of loan that doesn’t involve a credit check will have higher fees and rates than a conventional business loan. However, making on-time payments can help you build or repair your business credit and may make it easier to borrow in the future. If you’re considering a no credit check loan for your business, carefully compare the options before making any decisions. You can find more information about the best small business loan options in our complete guide. no credit check loans for business


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