When you’re doing any type of Pilates exercise it is important to be able to achieve neutral spine and activate your deep stabilising muscles (transversus abdominis muscle). These are fundamental Pilates principles that must be applied to each and every movement. It’s also important to activate your pelvic floor and keep your rib cage relaxed rather than elevated.

This is why we love Blissed Out Movement – they have a team of highly experienced teachers who are ready to help you with both achieving neutral spine and activating your core. They have a huge variety of classes including reformer pilates, mat pilates and barre 7 days a week at their beautiful studio in the pilates fairy meadow shopping center. They’re big enough that they have a great variety of equipment but small enough where you can get to know all their staff and trainers well. Their classes are super fun, uplifting and energising. Plus they have crowdDJ, which means you can control what music is played in your class with your phone! Love it!


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