Power Washing is Best Left to the Pros for Exterior House Cleaning

The outside of your home makes the first impression, so it’s important to keep it looking its best. A fresh coat of paint, a clean driveway, and sparkling gutters can help your home stand out from the rest, and it can also increase its value in the real estate market. However, some outdoor cleaning tasks are better left to the pros. Any time that extreme heights, electricity or structural questions arise, a professional power washing job may be the best way to handle them.

Wood collects dirt, pollen and other organic matter over time that can cause it to dull or change color. The same can happen with stone and brick, as well as concrete. If dirt is not removed, it can cause stains that may damage the facade. It is advisable to periodically soak spots with warm water and washing-up liquid, depending on the type of facade. It is also a good idea to remove ivy and other climbing plants, as they can cause damage to the house walls by their anchoring roots.

A hose-end dispenser with an oxygenated bleach solution is recommended for siding and other surfaces that are vulnerable to algae and mildew. The dispenser attaches to a standard garden hose and directs a blast of water and cleaner on the surface, which is then rinsed away with clean water. Look for a product like Mold Armor, which comes in 0.5-gallon jugs with an adjustable sprayer on the end that fits all hoses and can be distributed evenly over the facade. exterior house cleaning


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