Real estate crm features help agents automate processes, manage lead and client communications and elevate digital marketing campaigns. These features can also make the difference between meeting and exceeding quotas, by providing measurable data and insights into sales activity.

CRM software offers a single digital workspace where clients can be communicated with using chats, emails and one-click calling options. This makes it easier to keep up with customer queries outside of office hours, especially for those working in shifts.

In addition to this, many real estate crms provide an email timeline for each client that shows a history of interactions and provides context when responding to consumer questions. This saves time by eliminating the need to search across multiple screens, old emails or spreadsheets for client information.

The ability to manage client communications from a single platform helps agents focus on selling. This can be done with real estate crms that include chat bots, video calls and one-click call capabilities. This makes it easy to set up meetings with customers, as well as answer common consumer enquiries with AI-powered chatbots.

Additionally, real estate CRMs can integrate with MLS platforms (multiple property listing websites) which allows agents to post their listings directly from their CRM. This saves agents the time of having to log into each MLS website individually and ensures that their listings are updated on all platforms. Lastly, CRMs that have IDX integration can pull in property listings from the MLS to their CRM and provide a seamless, centralized experience for their customers.


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