Cooling fans are a must-have accessory for RV refrigerators. These small fans keep the fridge at a cool and consistent temperature which makes sure that the food doesn’t go bad. In addition, these fans help the fridge operate efficiently by removing the hot air around it. This is especially important during warm weather when the fridge has to work harder to keep the food cold.

The Beech Lane 12V RV Fridge Ventilation Cooling Fan is a high-powered and adjustable fridge vent fan that helps improve cooling behind the fridge by increasing airflow. It features dual 5.5” fans, custom mounting brackets that fit most American RV fridges, and a remote control with manual and auto modes. The Beech Lane RV Fridge Ventilation Cooling Fan also comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty for added peace of mind.

Another good option for a fridge fan is the Quick Products RV Refrigerator Vent Cooling Fan, which provides superior ventilation for most types of RV refrigerators. It is designed to clip directly onto the refrigeration fins with built-in clips and connect to your refrigerator’s 12-Volt power source for easy installation. It also comes with a digital display that shows the temperature in your fridge and freezer without opening the door.

Another low-budget option is the RV Refrigerator Vent Cooling Fan by Pano Mounts. This refrigerator fan is very affordable and offers great performance for its price. It has a decent fan speed and an IP55 water resistance rating that makes it suitable for outdoor use. It is also very quiet and doesn’t require any installation. The only downside of this fridge fan is that it doesn’t come with a thermostat so it can’t be operated automatically. rv refrigerator cooling fans


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