Six Qualities to Look For in a Criminal Lawyer

Criminal lawyers in louisiana help defend people who are facing charges of a crime such as burglary, drug offenses, domestic abuse, murder and more. The best criminal defense attorney can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your rights and reducing jail time. But how do you know who to hire? It can be hard to determine who is a good criminal lawyer in louisiana your area. Here are six qualities to look for when searching for a criminal defense attorney in louisiana:

A strong criminal lawyer should be well respected in courtrooms throughout the state and have great relationships with district attorneys and prosecutors. Our team has built such relationships with these important people. Our clients can benefit from our reputation and relationship with these people as we fight for their rights in a Louisiana courtroom.

There are many programs available that can allow an accused person to avoid jail and a conviction. These include alternative programs, deferred prosecutions and community service. Our lawyers are knowledgeable about these programs and how to persuade judges to agree to them for their clients.

We have defended many clients on felony charges including murder, manslaughter and more. These cases are very serious and carry heavy consequences that can change a person’s life forever. We are here to protect your rights and give you a chance for a better future.

We represent individuals and businesses that are defendants, targets or witnesses in criminal investigations of mail and wire fraud, public corruption, healthcare fraud (Medicaid or Medicare), bank fraud, contractor fraud and more. We handle these cases from the investigative stage through appeal.


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