The Importance of Pc Thermal Paste

Often overlooked by PC enthusiasts when they build their machines, Pc Thermal Paste is one of the most vital components to ensure your CPU runs cool and without any damage. This is because air bubbles and other seemingly minor flaws between the processor and the heat sink or cooler can in fact cause the CPU to overheat and potentially result in permanent damage. The good news is that with the help of premium CPU thermal paste, these issues can be easily remedied.

Thermal paste is essentially a malleable layer of material that spreads under pressure when the CPU cooler or heat sink is clamped down onto the processor. This material fills the microscopic peaks and troughs on the two surfaces, ironing them out and making sure they are perfectly flat. In addition, it is made of thermally-conductive materials, allowing it to conduct the heat from the processor to the cooler or water block quickly and efficiently.

The best rated and highest performing thermal paste is typically a silver-based compound that uses silver microparticulates suspended in a silicone medium. These products offer excellent thermal transfer and a wide operating temperature range. However, these types of products tend to be more expensive and can be electrically-conductive and capacitive, which can lead to malfunction or damage if they spill over the motherboard components.

When applying the paste, it is recommended to wrap your index finger in a piece of plastic (such as a sandwich bag or Saran wrap) and dispense just a pea-sized dot. This helps avoid contaminating the rest of the application and makes sure the paste is distributed evenly.


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