Socks seem like everyday items but there is a lot of meticulous craftsmanship that goes into making them. From knitting the fabric to pairing them together, each step of the socks factory production process is carefully coordinated and executed with care and precision. If you want to produce your own brand of socks, finding a reliable manufacturer is key. Choosing the right supplier will ensure that your custom socks meet your quality standards and fit perfectly.

After you send your design, the sock factory will verify the details with you one by one. The next step is to prepare the raw materials for your socks. They will dye the yarns according to your request. This is where your socks’ colors come from. The sock factories usually use Miyama color cards or Pantone color system to make sure they get the color you need.

Once the sock factory has the dyed yarn, they will knit it into the socks you need. They can make different types of socks such as patterned, cotton, cotton blend, wool, bamboo, mercerized and latest technology yarns like Tencel. The sock factories can also do a variety of finishing processes to add elasticity, breathability, anti-odor etc to your socks.

Once your socks are knitted, they will be inspected for any flaws. They are then rolled up, branded with your logo, paired and put into their packagings to be shipped out to you. It is a good idea to discuss the shipping logistics with your supplier in advance. This will help avoid any delays and ensure that your orders arrive on time. socks factory


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