Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying the Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is a console unlike anything else on the market. It can be played in home console mode like a PS5 or Xbox Series X, but it also can be used as a portable handheld device, just like the long-running 3DS and its ilk. This hybrid functionality makes it a unique console and one that appeals to gamers who might not buy into the whole “home console vs portable gaming” argument that has been ongoing since the PS4 and Xbox Series X were launched.

There’s a lot to love about the Switch, but it does have some quirks that might throw you for a loop when you first start using it. Here are some things to keep in mind before you make a purchase:

The Switch comes with 32GB of built-in storage, but big-name games often take up more than half of that. If you plan to buy a few games, consider getting a microSD card. You can find these at most electronics retailers, and you’ll probably be able to get them cheaper online as well.

Depending on how you use your Switch, the screen might get scratched or warped pretty easily. That’s why we recommend putting a protective cover on it as soon as you get it, and taking care not to drop the console or its Joy-Cons in the air. You can test the screen for warping by laying it down screen-side on a flat surface, then looking to see if there’s any wobble.

You’ll need to have a steady Internet connection to play games on the Switch, even when docked to the TV. That’s because Nintendo pushes system and game updates over the Internet on a regular basis, usually every month or two. These updates might require your console or its games to restart, so having a stable Internet connection is key.

The Nintendo Switch isn’t backward compatible with 3DS or Wii U game cards, but it does have a large collection of classic games available in its eShop store. There’s a good chance you’ll find a few titles you might have missed the first time around, such as every Mega Man game ever made, a large library of RPG and action games from Square Enix, a boatload of Sonic the Hedgehog titles and more.

The biggest retailers like Walmart and Amazon will likely have the best deals on Nintendo Switch games and accessories, but you can also check out gaming-specific retailers that may have special offers or bundles during major sales. The Nintendo eShop also has a number of exclusives you won’t find anywhere else, including in-game content and free multiplayer games. Nintendo Switch


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