Top 5 Apps That Let You Try Makeup Online

If you’re looking to try new makeup products but aren’t sure how they would look on your skin, or even what color will go best with your skin tone, virtual makeup try-on services are a good option. These are apps that use your device’s camera to overlay virtual versions of the makeup product on your face, letting you see what it will look like before you buy it.

Sephora To Go — This app allows customers to virtually try makeup using facial recognition technology and showcases the results in real time. Users can scan their face, and the app detects eyes, lips, and cheeks to place products where they are needed. The app also allows users to virtually try makeup products from different brands and compare colors side-by-side.

Allure Beauty Box – This box has been curated by Allure’s editors and features a range of cosmetics, face masks, and skincare. Each box comes with a newsletter that highlights what each product does, how to use it, and why the editors love it.

FabFitFun — If you’re interested in trying out makeup, but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this box is a great option. Its monthly subscriptions include 4 to 6 products based on the level you choose, and members have access to a community of other subscribers for help with spoilers and how-to tips. They also have an extensive forum where you can post questions and share your experiences.

Modiface — The company’s latest technology allows you to upload a photo of your face and try on makeup and hair colours, similar to other virtual makeup and hair colour tools. But the biggest difference between Modiface and its competitors is that it has a live try-on feature where you can actually see what your makeup or hair colour would look like if you had the product on. To get the most out of this, make sure to upload a good quality photo that’s taken in natural light.

Perfect Corp — This tech is a little more advanced than other virtual try-on services, but it still requires some privacy concerns, since you’re providing biometric data about your face to the company. You can use the service to try out makeup looks and the brand’s products, but you’ll have to give Perfect Corp your consent before the facial recognition technology can collect your data.

The company has a number of lawsuits filed by people who claimed the company collected their facial biometric information without their consent, but Perfect Corp says it is committed to protecting their customers’ privacy and never sells any personal data.

It also promises that its software won’t be used by third parties to track user behaviour or for any marketing purposes. That’s a big deal, and it’s a good sign that this technology is safe for everyone to use.

Try-on Makeup Online — This tech isn’t limited to virtual reality; it can also be used with augmented reality (AR) technology, which uses your phone’s camera to overlay makeup on your face. Google is already incorporating AR into its search experience to let consumers virtually try on lipstick and eyeshadow, and now some brands are integrating this tech into their online stores as well. virtual makeup


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