Adding a night light to your baby’s room can make it easier for you to change your baby in the middle of the night. And, of course, it can help prevent your child from waking up at night and becoming anxious or grumpy in the morning.

There are many different types of baby night light but each one can be useful in helping your child sleep more soundly. Whether it’s a soft, ambient night light or a projection style that projects an image onto your nursery wall, we’ve got something to suit all babies’ needs.

The Best Baby Night Lights: 1. Green to Rise by Glow Dreaming

If your little one wakes up often at night or is prone to short naps, a green light can help them learn how to self-settle and fall asleep again. It also helps reduce wakings in the morning, as the light will help your child learn when it’s time to wake up.

2. Sleep Starter Pack by Glow Dreaming

The Glow Dreaming sleep starter pack will give you everything you need to get your baby into the habit of falling asleep and staying asleep. It contains a bedtime light that emits a soft, calming glow for 30 minutes before automatically shutting off and a lullaby player that plays 10 different lullabies to help them drift off to sleep.

3. Owl Star Night Light – Lullaby Machine by BabyBrights

If you have a toddler who has become quite independent, this adorable owl night light could be the perfect addition to your child’s bedtime routine. It plays a variety of lullabies and projects a starlight scene that your little one can see and enjoy. It’s also battery-operated and comes with an easy-to-use handle so your toddler can take it to the potty in their own room for a solo nighttime bathroom break.

4. Ceramic night light – fairy lights by The Brightest Light

If your baby has a more Scandi or minimalist theme for their nursery, this type of night light will fit the bill perfectly. They often plug into the socket and come in a wide variety of colours, ensuring that your baby’s bedroom will never go dark again.

5. Baby night lights with plug-ins

The most common type of night light, these will plug into your baby’s room outlet and are a great way to add a touch of colour to the space. They come in a range of sizes and can also be dimmed or turned off, so you can create the right atmosphere for your baby’s room.

6. Sleeping Buddy by Dream On Embrace

This cute night light from Dream On Embrace has an adjustable brightness so you can adjust it to your baby’s needs. It can also be used with or without aromatherapy, which is great if you’re looking for a calming scent to put them to sleep.

The blue light emitted by most children’s night lights interferes with the body’s ability to produce melatonin, which is necessary for a restful sleep. In fact, the Journal of Pineal Research found that blue-light-emitting nursery lamps can actually stop your baby from sleeping through the night.


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