In our DNA Activation session we command that the remaining ten strands be awakened. These strands are the shadow strands and have been dormant since your birth, limiting your access to only 10-20% of your true potential. This is primarily due to the distortions in the 2nd and 3rd chromosome which also affects our cognition, understanding, and perception of reality.

When the DNA strands are activated they will become a part of your new blueprint for life, and the mitrochondria (plural of mitochondria) will begin to waken up as well. These are the cellular power plants that convert organic molecules to energy in the form of ATP. This allows your chromosomes to become a functional, functioning, living part of you and enables you to fully access your full potential in this life time.

Our Activation process activates and integrates divine ascension codes and source light into the physical body, cells, and energy fields, allowing you to resonate with pure and true ascension timelines. This opens you up to a deeper spiritual journey, healing, transformation, increased joy and confidence, as well as enhanced cell function. DNA Activation is a sacred process originally used in the Great Pyramid of Giza to prepare priests, priestesses, oracles, prophets and high healers for their work in this lifetime. It is available today through Rising Star healing. dna activation


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