What to Do If Your Washer Won’t Turn On

If your washer won’t turn on, you probably need to call in an appliance repair expert. It could be a serious mechanical problem that requires professional intervention, such as the washing machine motor, timer or belt. An appliance repair technician can diagnose the issue and determine if it is worth fixing or replacing, and can perform the necessary repairs at a reasonable cost.

If you see a puddle around your washer, it may be that the water hose connection to the wall has loosened due to vibrations from the machine. Alternatively, it may be that you are using too much detergent, which can cause oversudsing that leads to leaks and puddles.

It is surprisingly common for washers to shake so much that they pull their power plug out of the wall, which can stop them mid-cycle. Check behind your washer for this and if you find it, be sure to push the plug back in.

You might also need to rebalance your load or clean your drain pump filter. A blocked drain or lint trap could also cause a wash cycle to stop mid-cycle.

If you can access your washer’s fuse panel, you might be able to replace a blown fuse that keeps the washer from turning on. You can also unplug the washer and remove the screws to check for loose power cord wires connected to the electronic control board. Loose connections might indicate that the control board needs to be replaced, which is a more advanced electrical fix and requires experience. washer repair


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