The installation of shutters in this Gateshead home demonstrates just how versatile window shutters are. They complement both modern and traditional layouts, adding a sense of style to interior rooms that can otherwise struggle for character. The louvres offer privacy when fully closed, but can be tilted open to make the most of natural sunlight.

Unlike fabric based blinds, window shutters require little maintenance and are easier to keep dust free. They also don’t retain unpleasant odours such as smoke or pets. This makes them a friendlier choice for households with children and/or allergy sufferers.

Crafted from high-grade ABS, Java shutters are fully waterproof. This means they are well suited to kitchens, bathrooms and wetrooms. They can be operated manually via a control panel or remotely by using a remote fob. They can be fitted with a standard 230v single phase motor or if you need an industrial solution a 415v three-phase motor can also be supplied and installed. A wide range of colours are available to suit any design scheme. Shutters gateshead


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