Woom Air (pronounced “vroom”) is a line of kids’ bikes designed for a wide range of ages and heights. These bikes feature air suspension forks, capable hydraulic disc brakes, and massive tires that will handle the roughest of terrain. They’re also a great fit for parents looking to get their kids started on their first mountain bike without breaking the bank.

The woom Off AIR 5 is an ultralight and rugged 24″ mountain bike for children aged 7 years and over. This kid’s mountain bike features a suspension fork, 9 gears and reliable hydraulic disc brakes.

Its lightweight aluminum frame and child-friendly geometry make it a great choice for a beginner rider who wants to explore the outdoors with their friends. It’s equipped with a 1×9 off-road-specific drivetrain, SRAM X5 derailleurs and a trigger shifter that will help your young rider learn the basics of riding a mountain bike.

In addition to the high-quality components, the frame is built with butted and hydroformed tubing which saves weight where possible. This is a design detail that can be found on adult-grade bikes but is usually lacking on kids’ bikes.

Compared to other kids’ mountain bikes, the frame is light, and the air fork is much more comfortable than its cheaper coil-sprung counterparts. This can make a big difference for kids who are just starting out, or for those who have a tendency to get nervous on trails that may have rough or steep climbs and descents.

Another feature that can make a big difference is the travel of the fork. The woom Off AIR forks have a wide range of travel that can be adjusted to the respective bike sizes, which is a feature that’s usually missing on many other kids’ mountain bikes.

For example, the woom OFF AIR 4 bike has 60mm of travel and is best for a child who will be using the bike for rough trail riding. The woom OFF AIR 6 has 80mm of travel and is best for a kid who will be using the bike for more gravity-oriented riding, such as downhill rolling rides or taking big jumps.

The suspension forks on woom’s bikes are of the highest quality, and they push through obstacles quickly so that your young rider gets the most out of their experience on all kinds of trails or tracks. This also helps them develop their confidence and reduces fatigue, which will make them more likely to want to come back and ride again.

This is a good choice for kids who are just getting started on their bikes, and it will be perfect for them to use as they grow older and want to explore more on their adventures.

Featuring a wide selection of colors and top-shelf components, the woom Off 6 is a great choice for parents who want their kids to be able to ride a mountain bike that will take them on all sorts of adventures.


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