Woom bikes are designed to last. They’re a great fit for kids who live in areas with car separated bike lanes and need to commute to school, soccer practice or Grandma’s house.

Their child-friendly ergonomics include slim grips and brake levers that are easily reachable for kids’ hands. They also feature easy-to-use trigger shifters that help kids learn how to use gears.


One of the things that sets woom bikes apart is their smart design. The bikes are designed to be used without training wheels (they even have a built-in footrest) and they sit lower than other kids bikes, which gives them great stability. The q-factor of the bike (the width between the inside pedals) is also smaller than other kids bikes, which makes it easier for children to use their legs and feet to pedal.

Other nice features include the child-friendly ergonomics – for example, the brake levers have a narrow central section that is easy for kids to grip and require minimal effort to operate. And the handlebars are adjustable, so they can be moved up or down to suit a rider’s height. For our 52-inch tall test rider, we could raise the handlebars almost two inches to give her a more comfortable fit. This is a feature that will come in handy once she outgrows the woom 4.


The woom bike features kid-sized hand brake levers and a rear v-brake to keep your child safe on their ride. It also has a steering limiter that can be adjusted to help your child maintain proper balance. Kids often bring a lot of stuff with them on their rides, but keeping this gear secure is important. The woom bike has a built-in PICKUP Rack that can be used for bungee cords and other accessories, or for panniers if you are planning to take on a more extended adventure.

Woom Bikes have excellent geometry, which makes them easy for kids to use once they’ve mastered the art of balancing. In comparison, many kids bikes have upright geometry that messes with kids’ ability to control the bike and is difficult to balance on.

The woom bike also features a narrow-wide chainring that minimizes chain slippage and helps your child to pedal efficiently on any surface. It also has rounded bolts to prevent your child from getting cut by sharp edges.


Woom bikes are designed top to bottom with kids in mind. For example, they use child-friendly components that fit children better than adult bike parts, like slim grips, brake levers that are easy for little fingers to reach, and short cranks for easier pedaling.

Another great feature is the steering limiter, which helps prevent overturning and instills confidence in young riders as they learn to glide and steer. And, unlike other kids’ bikes that require using the back pedal to stop, a woom uses front and rear brakes so that kids can build muscle memory from the start.

These quality features make a woom bike a safe and durable investment. Kids can ride them for years and even hand them down to younger siblings or friends. And when it comes time to upgrade, woom bikes offer excellent resale value. Many woom families are able to recoup 75% of their original purchase price when they trade in their old woom for a new one.


The Woom team aims to deliver bikes that last. They offer a lifetime warranty on the frame and fork, but even more importantly, they want kids to feel good about their investment. So, they offer a flexible exchange program where you can trade your kiddo’s bike for the next size up for 40% of what you paid for it. They also donate many of the bikes they receive to local charities.

Rather than shoehorning adult-sized components onto smaller frames, Woom hangs kid-sized parts on lightweight aluminum bikes that are built from the ground up to make learning to ride fun and easy. The result is a superior experience straight out of the box.

Unlike so many toys that end up in the garage or at a spring yard sale, gifting your Rider a woom is an investment that offers Magic Moments and lasts a lifetime. Plus, it’s an investment that won’t end up in the back of your car, like those pesky training wheels. woom


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