Acid Alkaline Balance is the Ailment, the Disease is Cancer and all Chronic Afflictions

The Nasty Blunt Truth about Modern Medicine and Cancer! “Modern Medicine’s Secret Ph Cure”

Any American who was ever treated for cancer by modern medicine has been ripped off, are you one of them? There are many someones right now screaming their lungs out because they are dying of a cancerous disease and there is no pain killer strong enough to help them. But guess what; not only are they dying a horrible death, they are being deceived by the institutions that are supposed to help them? Those institutions who found the cure for cancer are withholding it from those who need it. That is right; they would rather see you die than apply the cure that they have known about for years.

Here are a couple of direct hits between the eyes of those institutions. The real search for a cancer cure has been over for years. Anyone who asks for money to help find the cure for cancer is a fool, a charlatan or a liar. Modern medicine long ago cured cancer but told no one what they did. You heard me right, modern medicine found the cure for all cancers years ago. And any doctor who says that statement is wrong is either a total fool who should not hold a doctorate degree or a complete liar.

Read this next paragraph and you will see why I would make so many bold statements about one of the biggest most respected institutions in the world. This next paragraph says it all and cannot be denied, it is the absolute smoking gun. 

Dr. Otto Warburg (doctorate degrees in both chemistry and medicine) was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 for the discovery that, unlike healthy cells in the human body, cancer cells do not “breathe” oxygen (and except for Adolf Hitler would have been awarded a second Nobel Prize for more work in the same area of research). Cancer cells are anaerobic. In other words, they function with no oxygen present. In fact, cancer cells cannot survive in the presence of high levels of oxygen.

Dr. Warburg, in his Nobel Prize winning study, illustrated the environment of the cancer cell. A normal healthy cell undergoes an adverse change when it can no longer receive oxygen to convert glucose into energy. In the absence of oxygen, the cell reverts to a primal nutritional program to nourish itself by converting glucose through the process of fermentation. The lactic acid produced by fermentation lowers the cell pH (acid/alkaline balance) and destroys the ability of DNA and RNA to control cell division. The cancer cells then begin to multiply. The lactic acid simultaneously causes severe local pain as it destroys cell enzymes. Cancer appears as a rapidly growing external cell covering, with a core of dead cells. 

Simply put, Dr. Warburg won the Nobel Prize for showing that cancer thrives in an anaerobic (without oxygen), or acidic condition. In other words, the main cause for cancer is acidity of the human body caused by the individual eating too many acid foods. This acid environment restricts the oxygen to cells and leads to cancer.

This discovery of Dr. Warburg’s leads us directly to the cure for cancer. The cure for cancer is to undo this acidic environment by removing the source of the problem. Remove the acid environment (too many acid foods and acidic toxic waste) that the cancer thrives in. This new environment with its balance between acid and alkali brings in oxygen destroying the cancer cells.

Sounds too simple, you might say. That’s what I said as I fought prostate cancer. I had some doubts, but it worked. The cleaner I got my body through detoxing, cleansing and lifestyle changes, the faster my acid and alkali balanced. My symptoms were gone in 3 months and I got my health back. A year later I was cancer free. 

I had doubts like you, because like you I was fed large doses of misleading information from people and institutions I entrusted with my health. Many doctors and scientists in modern medicine are totally sincere in their belief that it works. While there are others who have another agenda and it has nothing to do with helping me or anyone else by curing cancer. They do not want a cure because cures mean low profits. They have lead the fight to cure cancer with your money for decades and decades. But the cure will never be found by poisoning, cutting or burning with radiation and laser beams. That is the direction where the money driven industry wants research to go but there is no cure in that direction. joe tippens protocol


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