Fibrosarcoma and Dog Dewormer Cancer

Fibrosarcoma is a type of soft tissue cancer (see the handout “Soft Tissue Sarcoma”). It can be found on limbs or trunk and sometimes invades bones, causing bone cancer. It’s difficult to treat. Surgery is rarely an option, but a form of chemotherapy called metronomic chemotherapy has shown promise in treating this type of tumor. A veterinarian will do a physical exam and review a dog’s medical history before making a diagnosis of fibrosarcoma. The veterinarian may recommend X-rays or a CT scan to see the extent of the cancer. If the tumor invades a bone, then a fine needle aspiration (FNA) or a tissue biopsy is usually recommended to gather tumor cells for microscopic examination.

If a fibrosarcoma invades a bone, then radiation and/or a bone graft may be used to treat the tumor. Often, chemotherapy is used in combination with these treatments.

In addition to these conventional therapies, some owners have tried dietary tweaks and supplements in the hope of helping their pet stay cancer-free. Some of these include curcumin, CBD oil, and mega doses of vitamin E. In a recent study, researchers genetically engineered listeria to attack osteosarcoma cells and make them sick. When they injected the modified listeria into the bloodstreams of dogs with osteosarcoma, their immune systems attacked the cancerous cells.

A video has spread on social media in which a licensed veterinarian named Andrew Jones describes his experience with a lung cancer patient who used fenbendazole, sold as Panacur, to treat his cancer and remain cancer free. It has been reposted thousands of times on Facebook and TikTok in February 2023. dog dewormer cancer


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