Getting the Most Out of Your Pet Insurance

1 out of 3 pets need emergency veterinary care at some point, and many pet parents can’t afford to pay for the cost. Pet insurance helps by covering a portion of the veterinary bills so you can keep your pet healthy.

There are a lot of different pet insurance providers and plans out there. Each policy will cover a different range of illnesses and injuries, so it’s important to do your research and find a plan that fits your pet’s unique health needs.

Some factors that influence your premium are the age of your pet, the breed (some breeds are predisposed to certain illnesses), the region you live in and the deductible amounts and annual payout limits. In addition, some policies have waiting periods before they kick in and won’t cover pre-existing conditions.

If you want to get the most out of your pet insurance policy, you should consider choosing a policy with a higher reimbursement rate and higher coverage limit. However, be aware that these options will increase your policy costs.

You should also know the difference between accident and illness cover and whether or not a wellness plan is included in your plan. This cover pays for wellness visits, flea and tick prevention and vaccinations. You can purchase this as an add-on to most accident and illness policies.

The best time to take out a pet insurance policy is while your pet is still young, as you can usually get a better deal. In addition, many insurers offer lifetime policies which means your pet will be covered for their entire life. This type of policy may not be as cheap as an accident and illness policy, but it will guarantee you have cover for long-term illnesses that could potentially develop.

Getting a free analysis of your pet’s health and comparing plans is a great way to decide if pet insurance is right for you. You can use Pawlicy Advisor, which shows quotes from top providers, custom comparison charts and rankings based on breed-specific health risks and lifetime pricing. It’s the best pet insurance comparison tool on the market!


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