Online dating photographers specialize in creating an image for your dating profile that captures you in the best possible light while conveying your personality, beauty and lifestyle. They can help with location scouting, wardrobe styling and the creation of a natural connection between you and the camera. If you’ve been looking for love in the age of Tinder and Bumble, it’s important to have a great set of photos. Research shows that people with better quality photos receive more likes, swipes and matches.

There is a lot of advice out there about what to wear, how to pose and what to avoid in online dating photos. But it is often overlooked that the subtle cues in an image are just as important. This is where a specialist in dating photography can make all the difference.

A good dating photographer will take time to understand your needs and work with you to create a set of images that showcase you at your most confident, beautiful and authentic. They will also use a variety of angles and settings to show your different sides. For example, shooting a woman from slightly above makes her eyes look bigger and more flattering while shooting a man from lower will accentuate their masculinity.

Choosing the right background, props and lighting is also very important. A dark, moody backdrop can be a little off-putting to some potential matches so a dating profile photographer will try to find some bright, colorful and fun settings that will get you noticed. Using a hat or a jacket with interesting details can also help to elevate your image and tell your story.

Finally, a well trained dating photographer will know how to frame and crop your image in the most effective way for maximum impact on social media and dating sites. They will also have a thorough understanding of how to retouch an image in a way that is both natural and subtle.

If you are ready to take your dating profile to the next level and want an expert photographer by your side, contact me for a consultation. I offer relaxed photo sessions that result in genuine, eye-catching images your potential matches will love! Lucy Williams is a professional portrait and wedding photographer who has fallen in love with taking photos for dating profiles. She combines her technical skills with her expertise in helping clients write impactful, authentic dating profiles to quickly transform the quality of their online dating experience. Sessions are available in all major cities. Online dating photographers


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