How to Choose a Watch Repair Near Me

When your watch stops telling you what time it is, or you notice a flaw that you’ve been living with for years, it might be the sign that it’s time for a full-scale service. A watchmaker can restore your precious piece to its former glory, but you need to choose the right one.

A good shop will treat your watch with the utmost care. Look for cleanliness, a clean workshop and pictures of the workspace. Ask if the owner will let you tour his or her workshop, and if not, make sure the shop is open about where the work gets done.

The AWCI recommends that a mechanical watch receive a complete overhaul every four to five years. While you can replace the battery, adjust the bracelet links and clean the dial on a standard watch, you’ll want to bring in an expert for a full service, which includes disassembling, cleaning and reassembling all of the inner workings. A full service can cost up to $1,000, but the maintenance should prevent you from needing another service for a decade.

Most watchmakers also offer basic services such as replacing a worn battery, resizing the bracelet and polishing the case and bracelet. The price for these basics will vary, but most watchmakers charge $25 for a standard repair.

If your watch is a vintage model or a high-end designer brand, you may need to go to a specialist. These specialists are highly trained and can offer a higher level of craftsmanship for a more premium price. They can also handle more complicated repairs, like adjusting a chronograph movement or replacing the crown and stem.

A full-scale overhaul typically takes about a month or so. In addition to reassembling and cleaning the entire watch, the expert may need to replace parts such as the mainspring, the movement or the watch’s crystal, depending on what is damaged. Some shops also offer a battery replacement, resizing the watch band and adding or removing bracelet links.

Some shops specialize in specific brands or models. For example, if you have a Rolex, it’s best to take it to a Rolex-accredited shop. Other watches, such as a $600 Hamilton or an $800 vintage watch, can be repaired at other facilities that have experience with those makes. Watch repair near me


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