How to Choose a Watch Repair Service

Apart from the monetary value of collectors’ watches, some are also family heirlooms and carry sentimental value. On this note, it is not surprising for watch enthusiasts to be cautious and choose only trusted services to handle the intricate mechanisms of their collection. Here are some guidelines on what you should look for in a watch repair service company.

Professional Craftsmanship

This should be your number one criteria. Make sure that you go to a company that has licensed watchmakers. Licenses are obtained through trainings and master classes. Craftsmanship is also developed by experience. In fact, there is no substitute for experience that’s why students have on the job trainings and coop placements. To check the experience of a watch service company simply find out how many years they have been in business. This information may be found in business listings or directories and in the company’s website. Experience and training go hand in hand in honing craftsmanship. Continuous training to get updated on the latest watchmaking technology is also more important today since new watch parts, bands and bracelets result from technological advancements. For instance the use of silicium hairsprings (or silicone) is a hot topic among watchmakers. Its fabrication needs someone who is highly trained in advanced technologies, and its use in watches is said to accelerate the manufacturing process.

Another way of checking expertise is to find out the involvement of the company in professional organizations within the industry. Membership in a reputable watchmaking organization isn’t likely a measure of craftsmanship in itself, but it does give credibility to the company because of the requirements for membership.

Superb Customer Service

After ensuring that the company has licensed watch technicians with extensive experience, you need to check the company’s customer service. Is the staff knowledgeable about the industry? When you are phoning to inquire about the service, you want to talk to a person who, at the very minimum, has basic understanding of the service and can address your concerns with confidence. Excellent customer service means getting served with care and respect for your jewelry. A watch repair company needs to have customer care staff that will complement the expertise of its technicians.

Another factor to check is timely service. Ask the staff how long you have to wait to get your timepiece back. Is the wait time reasonable or longer than expected? Longer wait times can mean a lot of things like having backlogs or not having replacement parts in stock. While these problems are internal to the company, it causes inconvenience to the customer. In this regard don’t hesitate to ask if the repair service has good inventory of watch parts. Usually, companies that have been in the business for a good number of years have extensive inventories for most watch brands and models. Battery replacement for watches near me


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