Men’s Boxershorts
According to our readers, this is the style of underwear that most guys prefer: a pair of loose-fitting, comfy, elastic waistband shorts that sit between briefs and boxer briefs. They are a good fit for bigger and taller frames, where other styles can be too tight or too baggy in the rear. Moreover, they are breathable enough to wear under light-weight summer pants and even a pair of swim trunks when the weather warms up.

Boxer briefs (also called brief-briefs) are the king of sex appeal, with a whopping 64% of women saying they love seeing their man in them. They hug the boys tightly, so they offer optimum support, but that snugness can be uncomfortable over long periods of time, especially in hot weather or after a workout, unless you’re wearing the right fabric that stretches to accommodate movement.

Unlike boxer shorts, which are loose and offer little support, brief-briefs sit on the mid to lower thigh and usually feature a button fly. They’re a great option for men with larger thighs who find that briefs don’t provide enough coverage in the back seat area; their tighter fit can also reduce the risk of wardrobe malfunction and chafing.

Two other types of boxer-briefs are “gripper” boxers, which feature a wide waistband yoke that can be opened up with snaps (usually three) on the fly and waistband; and yoke front boxers, which have narrow cloth tapes on each side of the waist yoke like strings to tie the yoke snugly to fit the’s bamboo boxershorts


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